Richemont wins injunction case against ISPs to block user access to infringing sites

Ruling enables major brands to take more effective action against online counterfeiters; but injunctions must prevent abuse

Trademark, UK

Innovation curbed by EU patent system, Nokia’s IP director says

Patent reform policy often aims as weakening IP rights, Tim Frain highlights

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Infographic: Patents and the car industry

A snapshot of what technologies the car manufacturers are filing patents in

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Court of Appeal allows Specsavers to maintain overlapping ovals trademark

Ruling will help big brands that use shapes and colours; bar set high to avoid trademark office being inundated.

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Converse sues 31 companies for violating trademarks

Files lawsuit after revealing it has issued around 120 cease-and-desist letters for infringements

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Online Wild West for fakes can be regulated

Sideman & Bancroft’s Kelly McCarthy provides pointers for online monitoring when controlling counterfeits

Trademark, US & Canada, China

Copyright laws and the digital world: in sync or badly dubbed?

In light of the recent claim against YouTube make-up artist Michelle Phan, Paul Harris reviews how copyright laws are functioning in the modern world


Falling foul of China’s trademark system

DLA Piper’s Edward Chatterton and Ian Jebbitt enlighten brand owners to the dangers of international applications

Trademark, China

Catwalk confusion

Ever since IP Translator, fashion IP has faced issues relating to specifications of goods and services. David Rose and Sophie Davies offer a guide to staying on trend…

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Security blanket

A costly IP case can break a small- to medium-sized business and the UK is suffering from lack of litigation funding options, says David Bloom

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Defeating the squatters with prior rights

Trademark squatting is still a risk for all companies entering the People’s Republic of China, but protection can be sought from prior rights under the Trademark Law of the PRC

Trademark, China

Mapping out brand development strategies

With Middle Eastern IP law still in its infancy, Rouse’s Chad Dowle and Shaun Cothill explain what to watch out for when launching a brand in the region

Trademark, Strategy, Middle East & Asia

The right to use a trademark

Whether a trademark can be considered a positive or negative right has implications for many subjects, like the drive toward plain packaging legislation for tobacco products

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Quality (and value) v quantity

How companies can maximise patent assets

Patent, Strategy, US & Canada

The fight against luxury counterfeits

Brand owners must ensure they take the correct actions to fight online fakes, says NetNames' Gary McIlraith


Highly charged

A settlement between a US electric car maker and a Chinese business shows trademark squatting is still a problem in the country. But is it the end of the road for such opportunists?

Trademark, China

Action plan for Asia

Harris Moure’s Gregory F Buhyoff provides pointers on how to implement anti-counterfeiting and misappropriation investigations in China and Vietnam.