IV wins partial victory against Motorola Mobility

US jury hands down verdict that Chinese-owned subsidiary infringed one IV software patent; damages to be determined at a later date

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Don’t sweat the small stuff: AG rules on Unilever ‘Impulse’ dispute

Litigation focuses on CTM reputation in different member states, reputation test lies with “commercially pertinent proportion” of public

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REACTION: B&B Hardware is trademark litigation ‘game changer’

Likelihood of confusion should preclude any identical issues from being re-litigated in a district court, SCOTUS rules

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TPP detractors race to stop US ‘fast-tracking’ deal

Copyright provision and GI legislation among areas of concern over major trade agreement

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CJEU slaps General Court over Magnext trademark case

CJEU rules court ‘erred in law’ by not carrying out proper comparison of marks

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Disrupting copyright with Bitcoin

Could Bitcoin Blockchain become the database of record?


European patent law should not rest on its morals

Europe’s morality exceptions to patentability are inherently problematic. Who should decide what is immoral and according to what values? Rouse’s Rebecca Baines takes a look under the microscope

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Reda the revolutionary

Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda exploded onto the scene with her EC-mandated report on the InfoSoc Directive. In this exclusive interview, Reda fields questions raised by a concerned IP community

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Plants and potions

After publishing a comprehensive study on the US biosimilar industry, Elaine Herrmann Blais and Alexandra Lu offer a potted version of the essential trends

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Stoned walled

Interest in goods associated with marijuana and cannabis is booming but trademark applications face a 90% refusal rate. Alan Kendrick navigates the problems with pot

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Tackling Tacking

The Supreme Court of the US has ruled on the controversial issue of trademark tacking in Hana Financial, Inc v Hana Bank. Anessa Kramer reviews the history behind the case

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Is 3D printing disruption just hype?

The UK Intellectual Property Office said in a report that despite 3D printing interest growing exponentially, there is no urgency to legislate. Catherine White investigates

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Counterfeiting at street level

Brand owners who apply a ‘desk-top logic’ to counterfeiting in China do so at their own peril, warns investigator Nick Bartman

Trademark, US & Canada, China

IP rights in databases

Database rights are gaining more traction. Irwin Mitchell’s Joanne Bone reviews the IP issues

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Reissue proceedings: another twist in the tale of AIA post-grant review

The interplay between various post-grant review proceedings at the USPTO and district court litigation present several strategic choices to both patent owners and petitioners. Kenneth R Adamo, David W Higer, Eugene Goryunov and Rajat Khanna review

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Top tips for brand owners entering Vietnam

With Vietnam becoming more brand-savvy, Harris Moure’s Gregory F Buhyoff provides pointers for trademark owners looking to enter the market

Trademark, Middle East & Asia

Where are all the PTAB-related patent litigation stays?

District courts are refusing to grant motions to stay in IPR or CBM reviews

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