SME cases up by 68% at IPEC

Court launched in 2010 proves a hit with small businesses; hits new high with claims

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TC Heartland: forum shopping a ‘relic of history’

SCOTUS restricts where infringement disputes can be filed; US nationwide venue for patent cases ‘now dead’

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INTA 2017: Fake news is 'good for newspapers, bad for IP lawyers'

Whacking 'flattering' websites and preventing Chinese military hackers is all in a day’s work for publishing lawyers


EU Comm begins pharma ‘price-gouging’ investigation

Aspen Pharmacare probed over ‘excessive’ pricing concerning five life-saving medicines

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INTA 2017: Don’t think data protection is someone else’s problem

Data privacy and security is a ubiquitous issue and trademark owners should take control of their lot, says expert panel

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UK government showcases IP regime goals

IP minister reveals country will join Hague Agreement by 2018 as IP education awareness ramps up

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The high price of an apology

Given the number of people who use social media as their primary source of news, the courts cannot let it turn into a free-for-all where reputations are not safe. Jo Joyce explores

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IPM webinar: Secrets and how to protect them

As part of IPM’s webinar series, a panel of top US trade secrets experts talked mergers, money, and misappropriation in Silicon Valley

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3D printing and luxury brands

While such full-scale technology is yet to hit the main market in the luxury goods sector, the industry is rapidly heading in that direction. Emily Sharkey explains the risks and how trademark holders can mitigate them

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On the winning side

Jeremy T Elman reviews some recent developments in US patent law that strongly favour defendants in litigation

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India’s new shapes and sounds

New trademark rules in India have paved the way for the registration of ‘well-known’ and non-conventional marks, explain Kshitij Malhotra and Moumita Roy


When to let go

Deciding whether to abandon a patent can be a tough call, Anaqua’s Mike Caldwell provides some tips to ensure your business makes the right decision

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2017 an important year for ICANN

Jean-Jacques Sahel looks at major evolutions of the organisation’s governance and accountability, as well as touching on the 58th global conference


Shape shifting

The law is in a state of flux when it comes to registering 3D trademarks, so much so that even the most experienced trademark practitioner can struggle to keep up with the pace of change

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Launching a licensing revolution

A change to the IP system is needed to meet the call for greater transparency, explains David L Newman


IP and innovation for Singapore’s future economy

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore details its plan to drive IP commercialisation to encourage growth

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Is a change in patent venue law on the horizon?

Baldassare Vinti provides an overview of the oral hearings in the closely watched litigation of TC Heartland v Kraft Foods

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