Brexit High Court challenge scheduled for October

Article 50 can’t be invoked without parliamentary consensus action claims; case expected to reach Supreme Court by December

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation loses Gilead patent case

District court judge dismisses invalidity claims but rules case is ‘ripe for reconsideration’; plaintiff set to appeal

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File-sharing site worth $59m seized; operator arrested

US authorities charge Kickass Torrents site owner with criminal intent; seek extradition to US for trial

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UK trademark filings jump in light of Brexit

ITMA reports spike as members mitigate risks of UK exit; concerns over trademark squatters are unfounded, says ITMA president

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Apple facing damages over data-mining app

Class action can seek punitive damages judge rules; but plaintiffs’ damages model is not ‘administratively feasible’

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Caught in the middle: ISPs face blocking orders after Cartier case

The Court of Appeal has affirmed website-blocking to combat trademark infringement in Cartier v BskyB, explain Nicola Dagg, Neville Cordell and Jin Ooi

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Shock, loss and law: diary of a Brexit

It has been an emotional rollercoaster since the ‘leave’ vote, but Annsley Merelle Ward says the IP community is ready to tackle whatever comes next

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From obscurity to ubiquity?

A once obscure piece of legislation for seeking discovery, is now being used to obtain discovery from US entities involved in cross-border disputes. Kenneth Adamo, Eugene Goryunov and Brian Verbus discuss

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Expanding horizon of Section 337 jurisdiction

Parties involved in cross-border disputes should recognise that the scope of the ITC’s § 337 jurisdiction is much broader than just patents, says Teague I Donahey

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Patent procedures in India take shape

Under Narendra Modi’s leadership the Indian government has taken a pro-business stance, which has included reforming the country’s IP regime. Kshitij Malhotra discusses

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Five readily available programmes to expedite US patent prosecution

With the USPTO on track with its plan to improve the process for patent prosecution, Rory P Pheiffer examines how it can be expedited in the meantime

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Restoration of IP rights in Japan

The Japan Patent Office recently revised the rules relating to restoration of IP rights. Kazuya Sekiguchi discusses the implications.

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China’s evolution from manufacturing to innovation

Erick Robinson examines how patents and the Anti-Monopoly Law are changing the rules in China and how companies can protect themselves

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Promoting innovation among employees

Entrepreneurs are at the vanguard of innovation, but not all have to be one-man bands, says Steve Edkins

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Google Books story comes to the end

By declining to review an earlier decision regarding Google Books, the US Supreme Court has agreed that the copying of 4m books is fair use, says Ernest V Linek

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A practical guide to music licensing

Copyrighted music can generate a significant income for rights owners, but they have to secure two different licences first, says Burgundy Morgan

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Protecting trade secrets but suppressing whistleblowers?

Some country-specific trade secret laws have proved unfit for purpose but, ask Sarah Turner and Matthew Ives, will the new EU directive be any better?

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