CDPA’s section 52 proposed repeal shelved

Measures to remove CDPA provision that provides an “unfair difference” in how long copyright lasts is delayed due to judicial review

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Disney et al and Sky UK hit with EU anti-trust suit

Six Hollywood studios and a telecom company targeted by EU Commission over licensing agreements that geo-block content

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Oracle moves to include Google android’s ‘market dominance’ in long-running suit

Tech company files amended motion taking aim at Google’s ‘expanded infringement’ in new markets

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Copyright infringement consultation launched to stop ‘anomaly’ in law

New proposals could mean online copyright infringers could face up to 10 years prison time

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Amgen v Sandoz: BPCIA is a ‘mystery inside an enigma’

CAFC rules ‘patent exchange’ provisions under US act is ‘optional’ in biosimilar litigation

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Unicorns: the next troll bait?

What happens to the patents when a $1bn start-up dies? A familiar monster will appear, says Paul Hunter


The future of IP in the UK and EU, and its implications for the US

Mike Weatherley MP provides a candid view on the state of IP in the UK, highlighting issues of importance

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Protecting information: spot the weak links

While avoiding their own IP leaks, companies should be aware of leaking third-party information too, explains Francis Hagel

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Recent developments in geographic indications

It is fair to say that the EU system for GIs in its current state is unwieldy and in need of some reform. Graeme Fearon explores

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Be heard or be herded

Businesses need to voice their opinions on the proposed Unified Patent Court fee structure to ensure it delivers high-quality decisions at an acceptable cost, says Rebecca Baines

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What’s new copycat?

After research by a consumer group revealed the extent of copycat packing in the UK, James Sweeting examines the challenge facing brand owners

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The post AIA foreign filing flood

Patent filings rushed through in the run-up to the implementation of the America Invents Act will land on lawyers’ desks this September. Justin Simpson offers a guide to coping with the deluge

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Healthy resistance

Medical device patents are largely immune to patent reform, argues Cooley’s Orion Armon and Angela Campbell

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Is the EU close to harmonising copyright?

The European Commission’s Digital Single Market plan has been surprisingly effective at gaining traction. Akash Sachdeva and Annie Websper assess its progress towards EU-wide copyright integration

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Apple undressed

It may seem as if the US Court of Appeals dealt Apple a tremendous blow by reversing its victory on the trade dress claims, but is this really the case? Matthew J Faust explores

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Back to the fuel-ture

With continuing levels of academic research and commercial deployment, activity in the fuel cell space could sustain a boost of interest. HGF’s Chris Moore explains


Samsung’s hangover pill? Welcome to the new normal…

Data from a major innovation report shows tech companies using the patent system to create
products for nearly every facet of our lives, says Bob Stembridge

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