Assos loses appeal against ‘overall winner’ Asos

Swiss company loses bid to appeal earlier ruling to Supreme Court and is too late to require ‘certain undertakings’ from Asos

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Oracle among critics of US TROL Act that ‘falls short’ of addressing urgent concerns

Act passed in subcommittee by 10-7 vote but detractors claim it must be opposed in its current form

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Trademark package smashes costs but critics frustrated by bad faith absence

After two years of discussions, EU bodies agree on ‘more efficient’ trademark package; rules still need to be approved by vote

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Federal Circuit rejects ‘The Slants’ trademark but calls for Lanham Act review

Band’s application refusal upheld, but circuit judge questions if freedom of speech is hindered

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New US copyright act to ‘break down’ outdated laws

Bill aims to bring ‘antiquated’ copyright into the 21st Century by expanding exemptions to copyright controls, journalism and fair use

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Groundless threats: UK v Australia

As the UK government publishes its response to groundless threats reforms, Arthur Artinian, Nóirín McFadden and Savannah Hardingham compare the UK position with that found in Australia.

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Don’t get boxed in: UK patent scheme revised

Doug Ealey reviews the updated UK Patent Box’s influence on research and development investment and what businesses should be doing to prepare for the scheme

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Reexamination in copyright

Ulmer & Berne’s John X Garred explores the mechanisms used by the US Copyright Office to solve litigation issues

Copyright, US & Canada

Spotlight on extrinsic evidence

What is the anticipated impact of Teva v Sandoz? Stacey L Cohen and Devin A Kothari investigate

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Pursuing foreign patent protection

The costs for obtaining and maintaining foreign patent protection can be expensive. Emily Miao and Daniel F Gelwicks provide strategies for effectively controlling expenses

Patent, US & Canada, Europe, China, Middle East & Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand

Alternate IP valuation approaches

As the art of valuing IP continues to evolve, analysts and professionals will witness a diligent progression of techniques to refine a multitude of methodologies. Weston Anson and Joshua Cawthorn explore

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Introducing: IPM Analytics

A new addition to the team and some high tech software sees the launch of exciting new content at Intellectual Property Magazine. Acting editor Tom Phillips says: welcome to a new way of seeing IP

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Copyright levies: a burning issue throughout the EU

Numerous calls for reform demonstrate that copyright levy systems have been a pressing issue in the EU for several years. According to Katia Manhaeve and Natalie Schall, copyright levies will remain at the top of our agenda for some time to come

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Healthcare apps: part 1

The arrival of ‘mHealth’ has created a market with huge innovation potential.In the first of a two-part article, Mark Heaney, Michael Short and Tyler Beas
explain how to avoid becoming over-regulated and under-protected

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Good cop

The UK Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit’s head Danny Medlycott talks to Catherine White about raids and tackling criminal activity, noting that it’s inevitably up to the public to stop infringements

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Protecting your brand on the supply-side

Methods to frustrate counterfeiters at point-of-sale are well known, but how can brand owners prevent copying from the supply chain? Stuart Burns offers some tips…

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Audit clauses: draft well or be damned

A recent High Court judgment revealed how poorly-drafted audit clauses can be disastrous when tested

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