Bose sues rival Beats over headphones patents

Suit seeks injunction and jury trial against Apple's new audio equipment subsidiary

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AGA Medical loses another patent case against Occlutech UK

Justice dismisses medical device patent on grounds of obviousness

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Focus on: pharma and biotech

SPCs for medical devices, uncertainty over EU stem cell patents and why the heathcare industry needs to wise up, plus more!

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UK’s Digital Economy Act ‘postponed’ but kept under review

ISP’s ‘three letter’ alert system halted in favour of Creative Content UK scheme

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EU Commission publishes copyright consultation findings

Member states sit on the fence with hyperlinking; end users favour single EU copyright title

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Independence, but at what cost?

In the looming referendum over Scottish independence, care must be taken to protect the country’s long history of innovation, say Duncan Nevett and Gavin Dundas

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Playoff or touchdown?

Washington Redskins trademarks are cancelled but is it really such a big deal?

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Design: the forgotten patent

Cozen O’Connor’s Kyle Vos Strache reviews the US design patent and its role in an IP portfolio

Patent, Design, Strategy, US & Canada

Intellectual property infringement: civil procedure isn’t the only option

Far from an uncertain path, the UK criminal courts can be a swift and viable route in some IP cases, say Jeremy Asher, Giles Lane and Jennifer Guild

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Changes to the Australian innovation patent system

The interesting results of a review into Australia’s patent system may be spiked for now, but its publication keeps reform on the agenda, says Andrew Wiseman and Chris Govey

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All change in New Zealand

The introduction of the New Patents Act in New Zealand means rightsholders have to move quickly, says Chris Way

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Wearable healthcare technology

Innovation surrounding the healthcare industry is increasing drastically, with electronic aspirin devices and wearable monitors being developed. But what are the IP implications and can developers enforce their rights against infringements? DLA Piper’s Claire Bennett examines the issues

Patent, Europe

SPCs for medical devices: continuing disharmony

Andrew Sharples discusses uncertainty over SPC regulations in Europe, particularly medical devices, where filings in multiple jurisdictions may help force the issue

Patent, Strategy, Europe

Decisions divided over the stem cell debate

The ethical questions posed by patenting human embryonic stem cells has resulted in uncertainty regarding the guidelines around exclusion from patentability on moral grounds

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Trust no one: fighting the hackers abroad and at home

The unprecedented move by the US to charge Chinese military hackers with espionage shone a light on the murky world of global cybercrime. Cyber security experts Adam Cohen and Ken Zatyko reveal how 2014 has seen a disturbing upward trend in IP theft both across borders and from within

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Google jumps to implement right to be forgotten

How might the mislabelled ‘right to be forgotten’ case change Google and what does it say about the reach of EU privacy laws? Emma Armitage and Rachel Tregear consider a case of IP and identity

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The revocation location: biotech patents fail the High Court test

Does London have one of the most rigorous courts in Europe for testing patent validity? Gareth Morgan, Catherine Drew and Charles Hopper look at the evidence

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