Arrow Productions loses copyright claim against Lovelace movie

Court rules 2013 film offers ‘new, critical perspective’ of 1972’s Deep Throat

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New US ‘IP tsar’ announced

The White House has finally appointed a new IP enforcement coordinator (IPEC), having taken a year to fill the position following Victoria Espinel’s resignation in 2013.

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September issue now online!

Exclusive interview with patent legend Marshall Phelps, President Juncker's six-month copyright reform...really?, bumper focus on NPEs / Middle East, plus much, much more…

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Nissan seeks trademark protection for Eau Rouge

US application for new prototype car may have difficulty gaining registration in the EU

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Getty Images accused of extortion over demand letters

US IP law firm charges image library website with flawed and unlawful practices

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Parody in the EU: a view from across the Atlantic

The issues raised by Deckmyn are still being digested among EU copyright lawyers, but how might such a case fare in the US?

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On the shop floor

The CJEU has held that Apple’s retail store layout is capable of trademark registration. Allen & Overy’s Geert Glas and Nieke Vanavermaete examine the issues involved

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Monetising the Rembrandts in the attic

Joe Beyers and Wayne P Sobon describe some pitfalls and benefits of patent licensing

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On the frontline

With the task of giving a unified platform for IPR issues in China, the European Brands Protection Council’s Jessica Chan explains to IPM her part in tackling the Chinese counterfeit industry

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Soap opera continues

Cosmetic company Lush’s trademark victory against Amazon highlighted the plight faced by many SME businesses when protecting their IP online. After winning an unprecedented EU-wide injunction, Catherine White caught up with the company’s director Karl Bygrave

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Is a picture really worth a thousand words?

Unilever’s Danny Keenan, Chunbo Ran, Anand Shetty and Suman Kumar Bhattacharya provide an extensive cross-jurisdictional comparison on how written matter and classification affect the scope of protection for designs

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Motion to amend: focus on detail or face denial

Kenneth R Adamo, David W Higer, Eugene Goryunov and Mishele Kieffer describe some lessons learned on seeking claim amendments in a post-grant patent challenge

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Patently strategic

Francis Hagel provides some pointers on drafting a strategic patent application

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The ‘unique animal’ at the heart of the copyright debate

The US Copyright Act is not unfit, it just needs updating in certain areas, the Copyright Clearance Center’s Roy Kaufman tells IPM

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Design: the forgotten patent

Cozen O’Connor’s Kyle Vos Strache reviews the US design patent and its role in an IP portfolio

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Intellectual property infringement: civil procedure isn’t the only option

Far from an uncertain path, the UK criminal courts can be a swift and viable route in some IP cases, say Jeremy Asher, Giles Lane and Jennifer Guild

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Changes to the Australian innovation patent system

The interesting results of a review into Australia’s patent system may be spiked for now, but its publication keeps reform on the agenda, says Andrew Wiseman and Chris Govey

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