Nestlé’s ‘banal’ health mark rejected

Community word slogan by Swiss company conveys ‘promotional message’, EU court says

Trademark, Europe

No sweat: court rules yoga sequence lacks copyright

Positions and breathing exercises performed in Bikram ineligible for protection; method could be monopolised under patent laws

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Samsung avoids ITC ban over Nvidia graphics tech

Phone maker cleared of using graphics chip technology owned without permission; Nvidia vows to carry on fighting

Patent, US & Canada

SPCs extension ‘common and commercial sense’

CJEU remedies ‘current disparity’ in the duration of SPCs protection in different EU member states

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US rates for webcasting digital performances confirmed

SoundExchange and public broadcasters agree $3m annual settlement; effective from 2016 -2020

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Harmonising penalties for online and offline infringement

The disparity in sentencing between digital and physical goods crime sends out all the wrong messages, says Mike Weatherley

Copyright, Licensing, UK

Amendments to Japan’s IP Guidelines

Apple v Samsung made the FRAND principle a domestic issue in Japan. Kei Matsumoto, Christoph Rademacher and Tsugihiro Okada review the country’s new Antimonopoly Act guidelines

Patent, Licensing, Middle East & Asia

The biggest side-effect of making medicine

Ensuring access to affordable medicine in both emerging and emerged economies is fuelling calls to contain evergreening practices. Ralf Boscheck explains

Patent, US & Canada, Europe

The Trans-Pacific Partnership update

Bradley J Olson explains why the agreement may have some potential effects on the generic follow-on pharmaceutical industry

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Trade secrets: meeting the reasonable steps requirement

As laws and legislation continues to evolve on the issue of trade secret protection, Pamela Passman explains what companies need to know when valuable information is compromised

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Keeping app-y: balancing the risks and the rewards

To ensure a business benefits from a new app, weighing up the monetary and non-monetary value is vital. Claire Bennett explains

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No DMCA escape

Website owners have no safe harbour from copyright liability for infringing content posted by third parties on their sites if they are not following DMCA formalities. Linda Zirkelbach explains

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Neighbouring rights in the digital era

Sound recording producers, artists and performers have everything to win in finding a consensus on neighbouring rights in the digital era. Annabelle Gauberti explains why

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Lecture capture: it’s all about the performance

Dealing with IP rights where lecture capture is concerned will inevitably require higher education institutions to review and justify their position on student IP. William Barker and Imogen Francis explore


BEPS your life on it

What is so important about BEPS? Chris Bates offers an essential guide to profit shifting and IP


Game on: future IP challenges

With the explosion of virtual reality just around the corner, Arty Rajendra and Nick Kempton review what the gaming industry has in store for IP rights

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Price is what you pay, value is what you get

Helping small companies realise the value of their IP is a challenge and business groups, banks and government should do more, argues Elizabeth Ward

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