EU Commission begins database protection evaluation

Investigation into whether Directive 96/9/EC is ‘efficient and effective’ in today’s data-driven economy

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Nokia and Apple no longer ‘adversaries’ after deal reached

Companies agree to multi-year patent licence; ends US and Germany litigation over chipsets and user interface technology

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Post-Brexit complexing industry as 48% have no TM filing strategy

Financial sector most proactive in preparing for UK’s departure from EU; businesses taking a 'wait and see' approach

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SME cases up by 68% at IPEC

Court launched in 2010 proves a hit with small businesses; hits new high with claims

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TC Heartland: forum shopping a ‘relic of history’

SCOTUS restricts where infringement disputes can be filed; US nationwide venue for patent cases ‘now dead’

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Making patents great again?

Robert Maier and Jonathan D Cocks provide a comprehensive view of how the Trump presidency may shape the IP landscape

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Supermac’s beef with McDonald’s

A trademark owner that is overly aggressive can damage its reputation as a result of negative media coverage and a public relations backlash

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Catalan memories

Snapshots from the 139th INTA annual conference held in Barcelona between 20 and 24 May

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Barcelona bound

Thousands of lawyers landed in Spain for INTA’s 139th annual meeting – the perfect location for those with European issues in mind, says Tom Phillips

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IPM webinar: Secrets and how to protect them

As part of IPM’s webinar series, a panel of top US trade secrets experts talked mergers, money, and misappropriation in Silicon Valley

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Amazon drops contract anti-competitive clauses

The EU Commission has accepted commitments Amazon made to change its e-books contracts in order to avoid antitrust concerns

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Amgen v Sandoz showdown underway

With multibillion-dollar consequences for big pharma and consumers, the patent community is eagerly awaiting the SCOTUS vote

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Bad news for Facebook’s news feed

With more than 1.94bn monthly users, Facebook has become a popular target for litigation – the newest dispute focusing on its timeline features

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UK’s Digital Economy Bill receives royal nod

While the legislation’s provisions will not be implemented until after the UK general election, critics state there is plenty to worry about in the interim

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3D printing and luxury brands

While such full-scale technology is yet to hit the main market in the luxury goods sector, the industry is rapidly heading in that direction. Emily Sharkey explains the risks and how trademark holders can mitigate them

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On the winning side

Jeremy T Elman reviews some recent developments in US patent law that strongly favour defendants in litigation

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India’s new shapes and sounds

New trademark rules in India have paved the way for the registration of ‘well-known’ and non-conventional marks, explain Kshitij Malhotra and Moumita Roy