Victory for generics in ‘Crestor’ suit

Australia's High Court unanimously dismisses AstraZeneca’s appeals; rules patent lacks inventive step

Patent, Licensing, Australia and New Zealand

‘Overdue’ design webmarking revision goes ahead

Webmarking registered designs brings UK legislation in line with patents; follows similar approach undertaken in US

Design, UK

PayPal, eBay hit with counterfeit and racketeering suit

Plaintiff Wimo Labs states defendants engage in ‘wide-ranging scheme’ to sell fake Lunatik products

Trademark, US & Canada

Plans emerge for one PTAB judge to institute AIA reviews

USPTO launches pilot for one APJ to launch IPR instead of three; such practice could result in ‘differing standards for institution’

Patent, US & Canada

EU cable directive revamp to enlarge cross border TV

BBC licence fee payers caught up in consultation to enhance cross border access to broadcasters’ services in Europe

Copyright, Licensing, Europe

Exclusion orders in trademark cases

As brand owners turn to the ITC to remedy alleged trademark infringement, more companies may be faced with exclusion orders that are enforced by Customs. James C Fedalen examines


Passing off in the UK: still outdated?

From Jif to Catherham, Will Sander explores the trends in passing off case law, comparing the approaches by differing jurisdictions

Trademark, UK

Update on customs IP protection in China

Eugene Low and Alan Chiu reflect on the effectiveness of customs protection in the country

Trademark, China

The BIO International Convention in Philadelphia

Andrew W Williams recaps on the world’s largest biotechnology gathering, with PTAB and section 101 concerns proving to be hot topics

Patent, Licensing, US & Canada

The sky’s not the limit

The gleaming glass spires and iconic landmarks of London’s panorama are increasingly brands with value that extends beyond bricks and mortar, explains Clare Jackman

Trademark, Copyright, Licensing, Europe

Protection for wearables

Wearable technology is creating an entirely new market sector that is providing both tech and fashion companies with the ability to collaborate in unprecedented ways, but what are the surrounding IP issues? Lee Eulgen and Jessica Rissman Cohen explore

Trademark, Patent, Design, US & Canada

Competition for privacy in the age of big data

Google and Facebook acquisitions of data-rich firms have drawn the attention of competition authorities, but regulators need to be careful, argues Timothy McIver

Copyright, Europe

EU data reform

The European Council has published its draft of the General Data Protection Regulation. Oliver Yaros explores

Copyright, Europe

Google v Hood

Jeffrey Dine explores the significant and fast moving piracy wrangle

Copyright, Licensing, US & Canada

Brand protection: navigating the digital world

What are the popular strategies businesses enforce when looking to mitigate risks of online trademark infringement? Amy Goldsmith sheds some much needed light on this issue

Trademark, US & Canada

The future of the freedom of panorama in the EU

The copyright exception provision adopted in some EU member states took centre stage at a debate on reforms in July. Nils Rauer and Eva Vonau explain further

Copyright, Europe

Advances in design patent protection

Registering designs impacts both value and market share. Elizabeth Stanley and Zarah Rasool compare the virtues of the Hague System in the US and Europe

Patent, Design