Daily mail loses Paul Weller pictures appeal

Singer and musician wins child photo lawsuit; judges dismiss argument that decision is ‘unsustainable’ due to lack of English image rights law

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Canada PM pledges to enforce plain packaging

Country set to follow Australia and UK’s lead in introducing cigarette standardised packaging

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No ‘communication to the public’ if works not accessible

Ninth Chamber hands down ruling in broadcaster’s transmission of programmes via ‘direct injection’

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Topographic maps capable of data protection

Ordnance Survey part of UK’s submission to ‘industry changing decision’ for modern map producers

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Cyberlocker site founder sentenced to three years in jail

RockDizMusic.com owner who earned $4k per month gets prison term for hosting pre-release works

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Going for a song

Unintended consequences of safe harbour legislation are causing real financial damage to artists. It must stop, says PRS For Music’s Debbie Stones

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Don’t blow out the candles just yet

The heavily-reported Happy Birthday US ruling garnered much interest, but Jeffrey Brown reveals there may be surprises in store

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The fight against IP piracy

Discussing a major report on the future of the luxury sector in the UK, Mary Bagnall identifies IP rights, both nationally and globally, for rightsholders to protect their brand

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Don’t look back…

Tales of disruptive technology are familiar to everyone, but in looking to history for answers, analysts are missing the point, says Alex Carter-Silk


Copying photographs – what’s the damage?

With the rise of image sharing on social media sites, Nisha Kumar says it’s time for rightsholders to act


Cuba and your brand strategy

With the US flag once again flying over the Cuban American Embassy, Pam Huff explores what this means for trademark owners

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The latest USPTO proposed rule changes

Following the changing USPTO rules, keeping a close eye on each amendment is essential, say Brian Tompkins, Christopher Drymalla, Brad Y Chin and Constance Gall Rhebergen

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The scope of patent exhaustion

There have been recent developments in the exhaustion doctrine, and the Supreme Court of the US’ Quanta decision expanded its scope. Tyler Maddry explains

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Imports Articles that infringe under Section 337

The Federal Circuit has strengthened the ITC’s authority to police importations. Doug Stewart, Constance Gall Rhebergen and Brad Y Chin review

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SEPs – recent legal developments

Expect a rise in FRAND licensing disputes, say Timothy McIver, Andrea Pomana and Judith Schmidt

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SEP owners and their FRAND obligations

David Por examines whether the framework of analysis is right

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Fighting back against substitute sellers

A union of British brand owners is fighting fake goods – and it’s about time, says Aidan Parsons

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