Trump’s inauguration: IP community calls for ‘IP revival’

As the new president’s swearing-in ceremony begins today, LES urges ‘strong legal and executive leadership’

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'The Slants' SCOTUS trademark battle hearing begins

If CAFC judgment affirmed in band's quest to 'expand free speech', 'floodgates' could be opened for disparaging marks lawyers warn

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Legal sector ‘leading by example’ for diversity

Firms dominate top employers list by LGBT charity; Simmons & Simmons remains ‘star performer’

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PM May: no single market or CJEU

IP community reacts to Brexit 12-point plan; ‘highly damaging’ for UPC uncertainty

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UPC operational by end of 2017

Dates are 'conditional' as necessary ratifications still needed; Italy prepares to give legal status to the court

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Courageous, optimistic, risky…

News the UK government was pushing ahead with the UPC was met with a mixture of surprise and relief. But the country’s own participation will require a political solution, says Tom Phillips

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Trump the reformer?

Despite a lack of pronouncements, President-elect Trump has offered clues as to how he might impact IP. Colette Reiner Mayer and Diek Van Nort examine the evidence

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Trial by social media

Robert Lundie-Smith explains how righstholders should assess copyright infringement

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Long-anticipated TTAB rule changes are coming

Bobby Ghajar and Marcus Peterson provide an overview of amendments coming into effect in January 2017

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Wilful infringement: consequences and best practices

David Chun and Courtney Cox discuss implications for accused infringers following the US Supreme Court’s 2016 decision on enhanced damages


AstraZeneca, Apotex and patent utility

Supreme Court of Canada has heard important appeal regarding the ‘promise doctrine’. Jean-Charles Grégoire explores

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The ‘suitcase’ effect

Carrie Johnson reviews the biggest UK design developments in 2016

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UK patent litigation in 2016

Another busy year for UK patent litigation provided essential takeaways for disputes lawyers

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Arrow declarations: an obvious weapon for generics?

The jurisdiction identified in Arrow has potentially game-changing implications for the future of competition in the pharma sector. Richard Roberts explores

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Framing the virtual copyright challenge

With mass user adoption expected over the next few years, augmented and virtual reality may also herald mass copyright clearances, argues Sachin Premnath

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ICANN…be independent

From the Trademark Clearinghouse to dispute resolution, Joanne Goodchild provides an overview of ICANN’s remit following its expired contract with the US government

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How much detail should you provide in a patent infringement complaint?

Jason Murata and Ryan A Cook examine the fallout from the demise of Form 18

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