US broadcasters hit back over Aereo's claims

Plaintiffs' reply brief argues ruling in Aereo's favour will be 'tremendously disruptive' to licensing conditions

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UK IPO publishes research priorities for IP violations

Provisions include the proportionality of criminal sanctions for infringement, 3D printing and digital copyright

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Wonga faces backlash over removal of Twitter pastiche

UK payday lender Wonga has felt the wrath of social media after demanding a Twitter user remove an image parodying its male marketing character in a painting.

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Authors Guild files appeal against Google Books ruling

Organisation renews its 'contention' against search engine; calls for Congress to implement a 'National Digital Library'

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Infographic: Trademark Clearinghouse in numbers

Figures from the Trademark Clearinghouse indicate that many prospective domain name registrants are ignoring warnings from the house that there is a potential conflict with a registered trademark

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Latest issue

A new era for online copyright protection in Italy?

Website operators should ensure they are compliant with Italy’s new wide-reaching
regulations, says DLA Piper’s Giulio Coraggio and Giulia Zappaterra

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The prize for victory? Fees, say trademark appeal board

Applicants who challenge US trademark trial and appeal board decisions in district courts must pay government’s attorney’s fees – win, lose, or draw, says Danton K Mak.

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Free Trade Agreements and IP provisions

With the US locked in negotiations over the TPP, Catherine White examines the country’s existing trade deals and their influence on IP.

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Asian aspirations

Still dominated by Singapore and China, South East Asia’s vibrant countries could soon break new IP ground, says Tom Phillips


Having their say on fair use

The testimonies given in the latest Congressional hearing on fair use, as described by David Leichtman

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South East Asia: a perfect home for trolls

Many south-east Asian countries are beset with IP sharks that make US ‘trolls’ look like family pets, says Nick Redfearn

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The evolution of design rights

UK Intellectual Property Bill: Lorna Brazell and Clare Greatbanks chart the development of design protection

Design, UK

The great copyright war

Conflicting submissions for the EU’s copyright consultation review reveal public perception of IP to be the real battle, says Catherine White.

Copyright, Europe

Design rights under the microscope

Simon Clark takes a close look at the draft wording on criminal offences for registered design right infringement in the UK’s Intellectual Property Bill.

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Zombie killers: how Microsoft uses IP to fight cybercrime

A combination of IP and global law enforcement saw Microsoft successfully stop sophisticated online fraud, so why do critics reject its ‘vigilante’ methods?

Trademark, US & Canada

Resolving conflict outside the courts

With Twitter entering a patent cross-licence agreement with US technology company IBM, Marks & Clerk’s Will James, Claire Mackey and Bethan Williams review effective alternative dispute resolutions.

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Hard lessons over a soft toy

A dispute involving a bear’s ear showed that if you want to register position marks, you need to educate your customers, say Julius Stobbs and Caspar Rebling.

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