Latest US patent reform act condemned as ‘fig leaf’ bill

‘Troll’ debate sparks up again; new STRONG legislation gets mixed response

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Tobacco groups consider legal options after Ireland passes plain packaging

Standardised packs legislation reaches president’s signature; BAT says law is ‘illegal’

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Google and Skyhook set for triple damages patent fight

Litigation heads to trial later this month; Skyhook claims the search engine infringes Wi-Fi technology

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Portuguese court forces ISPs to block the Pirate Bay

A Portuguese court ruling resulted in an injunction against three ISPs forcing them to block access to the Pirate Bay.

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UK government to overhaul 'groundless threats' laws

‘Positive move’ could harmonise trademarks and design rights with patents defence

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Disrupting copyright

Bitcoin Blockchain could become the database of record


European patent law should not rest on its morals

Europe’s morality exceptions to patentability are inherently problematic. Who should decide what is immoral and according to what values? Rouse’s Rebecca Baines takes a look under the microscope

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Juncker’s single digital market – achievable goal or distant dream?

Given the European Commission’s clear statement that a single digital market is one of its main priorities, change is certainly on the cards. Bristows’ Theo Savvides and Flora Greenwood report


Mergers, metrics and the AIA

A survey of IP counsel working in life sciences has revealed the three biggest challenges they face. Paul Mandell offers some solutions…


The road ahead: a fuel efficient future

The Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards law is pushing automakers to prioritise propulsion innovation, Basil Moftah explains

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Yet more shades of grey

Following the movie release of the most successful fan fiction spin off in history, Duncan Calow gets a firm grip on the changing attitudes to a very sensitive kind of copyright infringement

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Don’t rage against the machine

As machines take over legal work previously done by humans, it’s time to get comfortable with artificial intelligence argues Anna Ronkainen

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What’s wrong with UK innovation?

Just one UK entity merited a place in a Boston Consulting Group report of the world’s most innovative companies. Great Britain needs to get better at turning great ideas into products for the global market, argues Mark Engelman

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Patent reform: back on the table but late to the party?

A patent reform bill that died in the Senate last year is poised for a comeback, but its advocates may be disappointed, say Baldassare Vinti and Daniel Werb

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TTAB’s ‘likelihood of confusion’ rulings

B&B Hardware may significantly influence brand owners’ trademark policing and enforcement decisions, explains Thomas Williams

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The rule maker

Radical change is on the horizon for the EU’s patent regime in the shape of a new Unified Patent Court. But with such a colossal task, Kevin Mooney explains the importance of making, not breaking, rules

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Developing a defensive domain name strategy

With cybersquatters still on ongoing problem, Gary McIlraith explains how to establish a domain name strategy that works