‘UK stands alone’ as government decides not to reduce copyright protection

Missed opportunity to reform laws after ‘Free our history - reform copyright’ scheme rejected

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Apotex ordered to pay Eli Lilly $106m in post-judgment damages

Court dismisses defendant’s NIA defence, ruling such argument allows a ‘wrong-doer’ to escape all responsibility

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Rolls-Royce sues rapper for infringement over similar name

Defendant responds that the opulent car manufacturer should ‘embrace’ him

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Nike sued for copyright violation over Michael Jordan photo

Plaintiff accuses sports brand of ‘enormous scale’ infringement since 1987

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CJEU limits copyright protection scope on altered works

Court rules the exhaustion defence under InfoSoc Directive does not apply to the sale of altered products

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Converse kicks off war with ‘toe cap’ competitors

Iconic US basketball shoe manufacturer seeks to prevent copycat designs in a high risk claim of trademark infringement

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UK and Germany reach Patent Box agreement

After mounting criticism, the UK has agreed a Patent Box system in tandem with Germany. David Cran explains what the changes mean in practice

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Folding IP into enterprise risk management

Companies can better protect IP by using existing in-house resources, such as enterprise risk management, argues CREATe’s Pamela Passman.

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Forging ahead

Lavoix’s Béatrice Daubin examines the important relationship between Community trademarks and other distinctive signs

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The new technology transfer block exemption: evolution, not revolution

Enforced 1 May 2014, the EU technology transfer block exemption's impact on parties negotiating licensing arrangements should not be under-estimated, says Norton Rose Fulbright's Caroline Thomas

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Common knowledge in the age of the internet

A case involving two pharma companies highlights the challenge of defining ‘common general knowledge’ in the information age, argue Scott Parker and Benjamin Thomas

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The Hub club

The vision for the Copyright Hub has moved on considerably since it was first mooted by Professor Ian Hargreaves. CEO of the hub Dominic Young gives Maura O’Malley an update on its new tech focus and how it hopes to give more control to online rights owners

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Winning over the crowd

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association’s Daniel Zohny explains to Catherine White how the organisation is helping to strengthen IP education, so fans not only love the World Cup but want to protect it too


Social media trademarks

As more companies look to protect their social media campaigns, Wynne-Jones IP’s Michelle Ward questions if it’s time for a new brand protection strategy

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Protection of digital assets – the naked truth about cloud security

Time is of the essence when seeking English court injunctions against leaked photographs on the grounds of a privacy breach

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Internet registrars on the radar

With a German internet registrar being found liable for copyright infringement, Nathalie Dreyfus assesses the risk to registrars elsewhere in Europe

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France to amend its IP and heritage codes

Bird & Bird’s Nathalie Ruffin and Vincent Robert review three new directives introduced under the country’s IP regime

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