Waymo denied access to Uber’s source code

Judge rejects autonomous car development company’s motion for unlimited retrieval of rival’s code relating to motion planning; “unsupported” discovery request.

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UK’s IP transfers system targeted in AI market pledge

Government eyes £630bn emerging tech sector; Universities must improve ‘complicated and long’ spin-out practices.


Tribe accuses US of ‘colonial paternalism’ over Allergan deal

Pharma company’s patent transfer will not cause ‘rush’ of copycats tribe claims; court invalidates dry eye treatment patents

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Texas loses crown for most patent cases

District of Delaware becomes a popular choice for filers; follows revolutionary May verdict in TC Heartland

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Muhammad Ali Enterprises hits Fox with $30m publicity fight

Broadcaster sued for using boxer’s image and likeness in three-minute Super Bowl ad; plaintiff claims false endorsement

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Let’s get digital

Does the UK’s 2017 Digital Economy Act really deter IP fraud? Adam H Bloomenstein explores

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The post-Alice aftermath

A recent USPTO study highlights the disparate interests and opinions among sectors regarding patent-eligible subject matter. Michael S Borella takes a look

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IPM interview: The prosecutors: part 1 

Private criminal prosecutions deal in the sharp end of the counterfeit industry. Part I of a two-part series uncovers the advanced techniques used by ex-police investigators to catch the crooks

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Left on the shelf

Rachel Montagnon and Joel Smith explain that businesses in the FMCG sector must prepare to seize opportunities post-Brexit by following key IP considerations

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Is IP the test bed for the new global order?

Is IP the right battleground for the conflict between a boundary-free internet and our deeply territorial legal system? Kilburn & Strode’s Gwilym Roberts reports

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How low will plain packaging go?

As tobacco gasps its last breath in the fight against plain packaging, surely FMCGs will be next? Not necessarily, argues William Hillson

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Rise of official fakes

Helen Saunders explores why some fashion brands seem to endorse ‘acceptable’ fakes and bootlegs

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Online sales ban checks out

AG Wahl advises allowing brands to prohibit their retailers from using platforms like Amazon and eBay under certain conditions, explain Assimakis Komninos, Katarzyna Czapracka and Jan Jeram

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Digital defence

Mass serialisation can digitise lower-cost goods, which are increasingly at risk from forgery, explains Thomas Körmendi

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Concerns over clusters

They are engines of innovation, but big pharma must consider specific patent protection issues when dealing with biotech clusters, argues Nick Sutcliffe

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Tiffany’s 24-carat case

A major case of infringement in the US holds important lessons for rightsholders in the UK and elsewhere, argues Nick McDonald

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Privacy by design

As the date of implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation draws near, Sarah Pearce details what businesses should know