Apple victorious against $94m patent infringement suit

Jury holds Apple did not infringe GPNE’s patents, but ruled them to be valid

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UK IPO pledges £3m financial support to PIPCU

New backing secures unit's funding until 2017

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Infographic: Patents and the car industry

A snapshot of what technologies the car manufacturers are filing patents in

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Broadband company refuses to name customers in Dallas Buyers Club suit

ISP fears if Hollywood studios succeed in revealing user identity, floodgates will open to further claims by other rightsholders

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Richemont wins injunction case against ISPs to block user access to infringing sites

Ruling enables major brands to take more effective action against online counterfeiters; but injunctions must prevent abuse

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Double trouble

The issue of double patenting has recently been considered by the UK courts. Rouse’s Arty Rajendra and Joanne Welch look at how the UK and European Patent Office (EPO) approaches this thorny issue.

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Online Wild West for fakes can be regulated

Sideman & Bancroft’s Kelly McCarthy provides pointers for online monitoring when controlling counterfeits

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The price of a stay: prior art estoppel

Kenneth R Adamo, David W Higer, Eugene Goryunov and Ryan M Hubbard examine the prior art estoppel status of non-IPR petitioners in district court stay requests

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Are patent damages really what they seem?

Reviewing a PricewaterhouseCooper report, Quarles & Brady’s Christopher J Fahy examines various issues affecting the increase in the number of patent infringement case filings, as well as the decrease in the median damages award


Privileged position

How can lawyers protect their communications between a Japanese ‘bengoshi’ or ‘benrishi’ during US patent itigation? Robert H Sloss and Miku H Mehta offer some helpful steps to ensure attorney-client privilege is upheld

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The coming lame duck status of Form 18 for patent infringement suits

US courts can expect to see a substantially increased pleading standard for patent infringement cases starting in December 2015, Hogan Lovells’ Christian E Mammen explains

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Falling foul of China’s trademark system

DLA Piper’s Edward Chatterton and Ian Jebbitt enlighten brand owners to the dangers of international applications

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Catwalk confusion

Ever since IP Translator, fashion IP has faced issues relating to specifications of goods and services. David Rose and Sophie Davies offer a guide to staying on trend…

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Security blanket

A costly IP case can break a small- to medium-sized business and the UK is suffering from lack of litigation funding options, says David Bloom

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Defeating the squatters with prior rights

Trademark squatting is still a risk for all companies entering the People’s Republic of China, but protection can be sought from prior rights under the Trademark Law of the PRC

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Mapping out brand development strategies

With Middle Eastern IP law still in its infancy, Rouse’s Chad Dowle and Shaun Cothill explain what to watch out for when launching a brand in the region

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The right to use a trademark

Whether a trademark can be considered a positive or negative right has implications for many subjects, like the drive toward plain packaging legislation for tobacco products

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