PayPal, eBay hit with counterfeit and racketeering suit

Plaintiff Wimo Labs states defendants engage in ‘wide-ranging scheme’ to sell fake Lunatik products

Trademark, US & Canada

Plans emerge for one PTAB judge to institute AIA reviews

USPTO launches pilot for one APJ to launch IPR instead of three; such practice could result in ‘differing standards for institution’

Patent, US & Canada

EU cable directive revamp to enlarge cross border TV

BBC licence fee payers caught up in consultation to enhance cross border access to broadcasters’ services in Europe

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Cheerleader uniform capable of copyright protection

Appeal court overturns lower court ruling; dissenting judge says garment design law is ‘a mess’ that requires Congress clarity

Copyright, Licensing, US & Canada

Jordan wins $8m in publicity wrangle

Slam dunk for former basketball player after grocery chain infringes his persona in ad

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Exclusion orders in trademark cases

As brand owners turn to the ITC to remedy alleged trademark infringement, more companies may be faced with exclusion orders that are enforced by Customs. James C Fedalen examines


Passing off in the UK: still outdated?

From Jif to Catherham, Will Sander explores the trends in passing off case law, comparing the approaches by differing jurisdictions

Trademark, UK

Advances in design patent protection

Registering designs impacts both value and market share. Elizabeth Stanley and Zarah Rasool compare the virtues of the Hague System in the US and Europe

Patent, Design

FRAND war: what is it good for?

They vex the technology industry but SEP licences offer innovation its best hope, argue Lorna Brazell and Zoë Hare


Wind of change in Chinese trademark disputes

In July, the Chinese Trademark Review and Adjudication Board passed down a decision in favour of a non-Chinese individual. Robert Weisbein, Selig Sacks and Janina Gorbach review the landmark trademark victory

Trademark, China

Maximising the financial value of IP assets

Azuka Dike demonstrates the importance of IP in the information age


Are tools effective in the patent evaluation process?

Patent teams have access to an increasing array of data providers, benchmarking and analytics. Julia Elvidge reveals a method through the myriad


Taking aim: when branding meets ballistics

Herman Blignaut examines the difficulties of trademarking weaponry


Net danger

Protecting a business from brand hijacking now requires a working domain name strategy, explains Simon Whitehouse


The US Supreme Court’s 2014 IP term

Lauren Goldman and Rory Schneider review how the court’s Justices ruled this term in IP-related cases

Patent, US & Canada

Life is short. Take cybersecurity seriously

The Ashley Madison hack demonstrates that data privacy still matters in our uber-connected world. Hogan Lovells’ Eduardo Ustaran explores

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The price of troll busting

Irena Royzman addresses the impact of patent troll legislation on innovation in the pharmaceutical sector

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