Apple forced to pay $626m to non-practising entity

Huge fine for tech company over patents used in Apple’s VPN On Demand, FaceTime and iMessage

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EU-US Privacy Shield has ‘serious teeth’

Landmark privacy and data transfer pact agreed; urgent clarity now needed for businesses

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Google ‘fair use’ ruling threatens Copyright Act’s balance, say authors

Journalist’s and author’s association files SCOTUS review petition against Second Circuit ‘snippet view’ ruling

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Blow for Unwired Planet as Samsung wins in second High Court trial

Justice Birss revokes two patents ruling them ‘invalid’; plaintiff ‘disappointed’ by verdict

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EU-US data talks: failure not an option

Both sides ‘close’ to reaching a deal on data transfer; but strong commitments still needed

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Digesting the DSM proposals

The appetiser is easy to stomach but the main course might be harder. James Whymark and John Groom provide a taster of the EU Commission’s reform

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Are design patents the new IP cash cow?

Discussing the ongoing Apple v Samsung saga, Sydney R Kokjohn and Eddie Obissi explain how a new petition filed by the South Korean tech giant has far-reaching ramifications

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China’s draft anti-trust guidelines

IP-focused industries have become a focal point for China’s enforcement actions under its anti-trust law. Horace Lam and Reking Chen explore draft regulations

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Decoding free and open-source software

Many businesses have a general lack of understanding as to how FOSS is used, Nisha Kumar dispels licensing misconceptions

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Bountiful but unchartered territory

With so many TLDs becoming available so quickly, it is difficult to determine which battles to fight and how to identify the threats that exist

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M2M growth set to soar and companies must react

M2M manufacturers urgently need to put strategies in place for dealing with cellular IPR, explain Sireesha Ancha and Steve Griffin


Harmonisation and the EU trade secrets regime

The EU Trade Secrets Directive is on the cusp
of becoming law. Robert Clark provides a brief overview on this important initiative

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En vogue cases of 2015

Examining EU lawsuits, Carissa Kendall-Windless discusses crimes against fashion

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IP shopping list

The FMCG sector has a wide variety of applicable rights in its arsenal, explains Zarah Rasool


French lessons

Knowledge of France’s long-established saisie-contrefaçon could prove useful when applying the UPC’s planned method for preserving evidence

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Thank you for the music

When do tribute bands cross the line from flattery to an IP infringement?

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Jump in UK trademark disputes

There has been a significant rise in businesses trying to sabotage competing registrations

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