Fox’s ‘Glee’ could be forced to rebrand

UK deputy judge orders injunction; TV programme’s name hangs on Court of Appeal decision

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Switzerland is ‘world’s top innovator’

Global Innovation Index 2014 report highlights ‘global divide’ still prominent

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UK creative sector and ISPs join the fight against online piracy

New initiative partnership raises awareness of legal content; to launch 2015

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UK welcomes new IP minister following Cabinet reshuffle

Viscount Younger of Leckie was one of the causalities of David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle this week after being replaced as UK intellectual property minister by Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe.

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SCOTUS denies last-ditch Sherlock Holmes petition

Judge rejects desperate bid by the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle to stay US Court of Appeals decision rejecting extended copyright protection surrounding the literary detective.

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Playoff or touchdown?

Washington Redskins trademarks are cancelled but is it really such a big deal?

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Two Supreme Court rulings make patents harder to enforce

Michael J Mehrman assesses the likely impact of the Limelight and Nautilus decision on patent cases

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SPCs for medical devices: continuing disharmony

Andrew Sharples discusses uncertainty over SPC regulations in Europe, particularly medical devices, where filings in multiple jurisdictions may help force the issue

Patent, Strategy, Europe

Decisions divided over the stem cell debate

The ethical questions posed by patenting human embryonic stem cells has resulted in uncertainty regarding the guidelines around exclusion from patentability on moral grounds

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Mind over medicine

How can smarter management of intellectual property rights in international healthcare be a win-win situation? Mark Abell explains

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Endless possibilities for 3D medical devices

3D-printed technology in the medical device industry has finally come of age, but the policing of patented products brings up a number of complexities

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Alternative fee arrangements in IP cases

Billing by the hour is an outdated model but are law firms ready for new creative alternatives?

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Reforming patent litigation strategies

Inter partes review can provide powerful damages defences even when fewer than all claims are invalidated

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Bad medicine

There are different roads converging on the pharma industry and the results are unpredictable, say Hiroshi Sheraton, Tom Jenkins and Katrina Green

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Pressing ahead with change

Cambridge University Press general counsel Will Bowes talks to IPM’s Maura O’Malley about transforming the respected academic publisher for the modern era, and his frustration at copyright supporters’ intransigence in an increasingly digital world

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Will #privacy ever trend?

Margaret Tofalides and Amy Franklin discuss how the law is attempting to keep up with the privacy issues arising from social media

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Golden oldies: record labels seek Pandora payout

Much is riding on a record labels’ suit against digital music service Pandora over pre-1972 sound recordings, say Danny M Awdeh and Brian Westley