Italy and Finland vie for EMA relocation

Commission receives 19 offers from member states to house medical agency; vote to be held in November

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Former wrestler hopes to KO Van Morrison’s album photo use

Artist’s 37th album accused of infringing publicity right of sportsman; ‘unlawfully’ uses the plaintiff’s image and likeness.

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German UPC challenge relates to transfer of sovereign powers

Details emerge of constitutional complaint stalling country’s ratification; ‘democratic deficits’ could postpone court project beyond early 2018

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Hungary becomes fifth country to implement plain packaging

Tobacco standardised packs hits shelves; products must display 65% picture warning

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Vape trademark appeal marks inaugural Scottish Court of Session

First appeal heard by Scottish Outer House follows IPO ruling; application is similar to earlier registered mark

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Trouble in patent troll paradise?

Recent Supreme Court decisions will likely curb actions by non-practising entities, say Marc J Rachman, and Devin A Kothari

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Protecting medical device integrity

David L De Bruin examines how SCOTUS’ patent exhaustion verdict in Lexmark will impact the healthcare sector

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International common approaches to intermediary responsibility

A set of common, transnational principles have emerged in approaches to intermediary liability and voluntary measures for online trademark infringement.

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IPM webinar: Beyond notice and takedown in fight against fakes

Panel discusses how brands could best utilise e-commerce platforms, social media, blacklistings and more to combat counterfeits

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Out of tune?

Tom Collins explores some of the key legal and commercial challenges faced by the music industry

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The DSM’s impact on the UK music industry

Cross-border portability issues and licensing restrictions create significant consequences for the creative sector. Lance Phillips and William Smith examine


Determining a patent’s expiration date

Babak Tehranchi and Yang Tang provide a step-by-step procedure for determining the expiration date for most US utility patents

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For the public good

As INTA launches a programme to reach trademark pro bono clients, the scheme’s chair Megan K Bannigan explains how it benefits clients and lawyers alike

Trademark, UK, US & Canada, Europe, Features

The moderator paradox

A recent case examining online copyright liability poses a sticky problem for websites that host user-generated content, explain Tim Reynolds and Katie Green

Copyright, US & Canada

A big year for trademarks: part 1

In the first of a two-part series, Doug (Chip) Rettew and Yinfei Wu run down 2016’s key US trademark cases – the implications of which are still yet to be understood

Trademark, US & Canada

Narrowing the gulf in patent law

Patent system inconsistences in the region mean there is a desire for a unified court and a more harmonised approach. Jan Wrede and Abdullah Almazroa report

Patent, Middle East & Asia

Augmented reality legal issues are very real

What are the IP and privacy issues to consider surrounding AR and VR? Shannon Yavorsky and Kimberly Culp provide a run down