Tarantino turns ‘Desperado’ after leaked script case is dismissed

Judge allows amended claim after stating ‘fair use’ defence is ‘ premature’

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PIPCU seize fake Microsoft software

UK unit ramps up efforts to tackle ‘corrosive’ cybercrime

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ABC v Aereo trial begins; CEO dubs suit as ‘hoopla’

The US Supreme Court is set to hear the American Broadcasting Companies et al v Aereo copyright battle today (Tuesday 22 April) but the streaming site’s CEO has been venting his fury ahead of the trial.

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IV loses Capital One suit

Patent licensing company Intellectual Ventures (IV) was dealt a major blow this week, after losing its nearly year-long patent infringement suit against US bank-holding company, Capital One Financial.

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Scotch Whisky Australian trademark hailed as ‘legal breakthrough’

Certification mark welcomed; but geographical indication status not possible

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Ukraine/Russia dispute: What happens to IP when one country annexes another?

Russia's takeover of Crimea created huge uncertainty, not least for the country's economy. Anton Polikarpov from Kiev considers the practical implications for Crimean business owners.

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Premier League scores a further victory against overseas broadcasts

A Welsh publican has been left facing damages that may stretch into six figures after he unsuccessfully fought a copyright infringement suit filed by the FAPL. Shoosmiths’ Jo Joyce examines

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World IP Day: Pick your battles carefully with social media

Companies tread a fine line between challenging online infringers and being labelled a ‘trademark bully’. Haseltine Lake’s Michael Conway explains how to manage the Twitterati.


World IP Day: pharma’s IP overdose is driving new business models

Regulation, cliffs, pay-for-delay… patent laws have dramatically shaped the pharma industry. Hiroshi Sheraton looks at what lessons the wider IP community can learn from the maelstrom of the drugs companies.

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World IP Day: protecting your digital assets has never been more important

Data is now at the core of many businesses but is often its most vulnerable part – action to cope with misappropriation of digital assets needs to be swift and decisive, say Jeremy Harris and Emily Nuttall.

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Graphene: the technology on the cusp of maturity

Still in its infancy yet with a huge future, the success of the UK’s graphene industry
will be aided by tools such as the Patent Box, says Connor McConchie.

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Devolution won’t derail Scotland’s UPC

With September’s devolution referendum looming, the case for a Scottish UPC local division may carry even greater weight, says Jim Cormack

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Mind the injunction gap

Taylor Wessing’s Anja Lunze and Paul England examine the fears surrounding bifurcation in the Unified Patent Court, questioning if it will really be such a concern

Patent, Europe

Practical matters of the UPC

The Unified Patent Court’s 16th draft of the Rules of Procedure was released in March. Haseltine Lake' s Nikki Powell highlights a number of issues that will be of particular importance for court users

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Survey of US court decisions to stay part 2: where stays were granted

In the second in a series of articles, Kenneth R Adamo, David W Higer and Eugene Goryunov reviews cases where a stay was granted pending resolution of an inter partes review.

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The potential perils of arbitration

Weil, Gotshal & & Manges’ Brian E Ferguson, Anne M Cappella and Charan J Sandhu discuss US arbitration clauses in patent licence agreements, with a specific look at non-practising entities.

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IP in pension-led funding

How IP can be used as assets in pension-led funding arrangements.

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