US inventor sues American Chopper show for infringement

Suit claims reality series was invented to avoid litigation over infringing trike for the disabled

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Polo/Lauren wins trademark opposition case at CJEU

General Court holds application is too similar to New York-based fashion brand

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Latest issue: September 2014

This month's IPM includes interviews with key IP figures plus opinions, court reports and features from the world's top IP lawyers: a total of 33 articles covering all areas IP...

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T-shirt mocking US mayor constitutes fair use

Judges stress they are ‘sceptical’ of Cariou v Prince ‘transformative use’ decision

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UPC will not be ready by end of 2015, committee confirms

Preparatory Committee issues updated roadmap focussed on “quality and efficiency”

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Big data and Alice v CLS: predicting what’s next

In the aftermath of the Alice decision, big data software innovators may begin to look at trade secret protection when assessing IP rights for their proprietary inventions. Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi’s Andrea Gothing and Angela Muñoz-Kaphing explain

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Patent exhaustion doctrine continues to energise the courts

Recent US cases demonstrate that patent holders must take care when licensing patents that contain both product and method claims to ensure limited scope

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A ‘troll’ by any other name

Instead of trying to define and regulate particular types of organisations as so-called ‘patent trolls’, reform efforts should be directed to standardise behaviour, says Keker & Van Nest’s Matthias A Kamber

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Decoding patent valuation

“How much is this asset worth?” For patent assets, the answer is less accessible than pricing gold or stocks, says Adam J Bulakowski

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A new Euro vision for the digital economy?

The new European Commission President has promised to create a ‘digital single market’, but is this ‘simple’ aim realistic? Benoît Keane outlines the challenges ahead for this unlikely digital visionary

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Creative Content UK: not very creative

The UK recently announced the inception of a new industry-backed scheme for tackling online piracy, effectively marking the final nail in the coffin for the Digital Economy Act. Alex Watt and Emma Fox study the setbacks faced by the old scheme and ask: is its replacement even weaker?

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Patent protection for the oil fields of the Middle East

James D Brown examines two key routes available for companies to safeguard their technology in the region

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Exploring perspectives on the Unified Patent Court

Following the UK Intellectual Property Office’s report on the Unified Patent Court, confidence in its judges is paramount for its future success, says Taylor Wessing’s Paul England.

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Fracking strategies

Neil Coulson, Paul Morico and Kevin Cadwell dig deep to explore IP protection and issues in the shale sector

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Patents under attack: save yourselves, before someone else does

The patent system is under attack from ‘trolls’ and keen legislators, presenting the greatest threat to the system since its creation. Tom Phillips speaks to one of patent’s modern founding fathers, Marshall Phelps, on why it’s time the industry took control of its own destiny

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Choose your expert wisely

Quarles & Brady’s David Cross examines the critical role of economics in patent damages

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Fashion victims: this year’s big cases so far

The UK has already seen significant fashion cases in 2014 involving both manufacturers and retailers.

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