‘Do away with geo-blocking’, urges EU Commission’s Ansip

Digital Single Market Strategy examines key policy areas for Commission to tackle

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Florida copyright bill forces streaming sites to name owners

Anti-lobby of ‘True Origin of Digital Goods Act’ say measures will increase censorship

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Mattel wins points in ‘Scrabble/Scramble’ trademark fight

Court allows plaintiffs’ appeal in relation to validity to revocation of Scramble CTM

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Supreme Court braces for major patent cases

Defence to induced patent infringement and royalty agreements heard in two suits this week

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EU member states can extend copyright protection for online sports broadcasts

National laws should provide for more “far-reaching” rightsholder copyright protection, CJEU rules

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Don’t get boxed in: UK patent scheme revised

Doug Ealey reviews the updated UK Patent Box’s influence on research and development investment and what businesses should be doing to prepare for the scheme

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Repeal of s52 CDPA delayed

Osborne Clarke’s Ben Goodger explores the controversial extension of the copyright term for industrially-manufactured artistic works

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Protecting your brand on the supply-side

Methods to frustrate counterfeiters at point-of-sale are well known, but how can brand owners prevent copying from the supply chain? Stuart Burns offers some tips…

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Audit clauses: draft well or be damned

A recent High Court judgment revealed how poorly-drafted audit clauses can be disastrous when tested

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Cross infection: licence to cure

Experts last year confirmed that conventional syringes cause the spread of disease and many deaths especially in developing nations. Alexander Carter-Silk, representing the inventor of a single use syringe, describes the unusual legal issues around a life-saving innovation


Cyber survivors have a plan

High-profile hacks stories have given the issue infamy, but corporations remain lackadaisical about cyber security, finds Seth Berman


Up in smoke

After plain packaging is passed into law in the UK, James Tumbridge asks: is this ‘unproven’ attempt to reduce smoking worth losing our rights over?

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Don’t judge a pack by its cover

Ireland was the first EU country to introduce legislation for standardised packaging of tobacco products. Gerard Kelly reports

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The pharma maze: patent enforcement in Vietnam

Looking at a case study, Tilleke & Gibbins’ Loc Xuan Le and Linh Duy Mai provide a practical view of pharma protection in the region


Online IPR enforcement in Europe

Consideration of national laws, directives and principles of jurisdiction make litigating in the EU challenging. Akash Sachdeva and Elle Hosie review


Reda the revolutionary

Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda exploded onto the scene with her EC-mandated report on the InfoSoc Directive. In this exclusive interview, Reda fields questions raised by a concerned IP community

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Plants and potions

After publishing a comprehensive study on the US biosimilar industry, Elaine Herrmann Blais and Alexandra Lu offer a potted version of the essential trends

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