Could the CJEU ban set-top boxes?

Multimedia player add-ons showing unlawful content from streaming sites could constitute an infringement of copyright, say judges

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An Irish burger chain is trying to cancel McDonald’s trademarks

Supermac’s seeks ‘immediate’ cancellation of global ‘rival’s’ marks at the EUIPO

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Flaw in TM evidence costs Adidas its three stripes

12,000 pages of evidence did not show the ‘mark in question’ says EUIPO and dismisses appeal

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What can Laguiole’s pyrrhic trademark victory teach other brands?

Iconic penknife maker able to oppose registration at EU-level, but only for goods covered by usual activities

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Government quizzed over viability of London’s UPC courts after Brexit

Lord Cromwell puts forward queries surrounding EUIPO and UPC; questions will form part of EU negotiations says minister

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Digital detectives

Using a blend of traditional policing and digital enforcement, the award-winning PIPCU is making in-roads into the murky world of global online piracy, explains DC Steve Salway

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Apple smarts from watch snub

In a blow for Apple, the High Court ruled IWATCH is not registrable as a trademark for a wearable computing device, explains Kate Swaine

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Continuing uncertainty in IPR estoppel decisions

Until the CAFC weighs in, the precise standards for applying § 315(e)(2) will remain an open question. Gilberto E Espinoza, Kevin P Moran and Andrew T DuFresne explain

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EPO annual report

The office granted a record number of European patents in 2016. Tom Phillips and Catherine White explore

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Score for Premier League: first UK ‘live’ streaming block awarded

A UK court has handed down a significant order curtailing the availability of illegal streams. Catherine White explores

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Extra 180 days ‘detrimental’ for biosimilar manufacturers

In April, SCOTUS will hear arguments regarding the CAFC’s interpretation of BPCIA’s notice of commercial marketing requirement. Several briefs have been filed claiming that an extra six months will create a ‘cloud of uncertainty’

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Generics face US-wide action over ‘illegal conspiracies’

Antibiotic and diabetes medication under the spotlight after US states come together to sue generic drug-makers over ‘long-running conspiracy’ to alter market prices

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Questions about CRISPR

A huge industry will grow from its innovation, but the IP environment around CRISPR is far from established. Marc Döring and Daniel Lim investigate

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See who in court

Finnegan’s Leythem Wall provides an overview of representation rights before the Unified Patent Court

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Standing out from the crowd

With so many models to choose from, how can an inventor find a crowdsourcing deal that suits them? Andrew Brennan and Sherif Malak review the options


Inevitable disclosure and the DTSA

David Prange and Ari B Lukoff address several factors to guide a plaintiff in deciding whether to include a federal DTSA claim, a state-based UTSA claim, or both, in trade secrets cases

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IP rights in the FinTech revolution

With venture capital investment for FinTech reaching $17bn in 2016, Sarah Turner, Susan McKiernan and Kathryn Mycock discuss protection in the innovative field

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